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About Us

Thanks for stopping by! I am Kim the owner of BeeAmazd, a wife and mom of 2. My goal for BeeAmazd is to serve others with jewelry that is faith based, inspirational and a little mix of fashion. Our jewelry will enable you to express your faith, determination, it will also bring comfort and purpose to yourself or others.

I always wear jewelry that helps me have a purpose for the day be it my necklace that has a charm stating "Always on my mind, Forever in my heart", when I wear this necklace I am comforted that my dad is with me. My sideways Cross or Boss necklace they give me the determination to rock the day. 

My 2 kiddo's and hubby are involved in the business, they help me with choosing products, tracking inventory, and packing orders. Everyday I hear mom do we have any orders? 

When you shop BeeAmazd, you are shopping and supporting a family business, not a big corporation. Our wish is that you will find jewelry that makes you or others in your life be full of faith, determination, comfort and purpose.